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About us is an old site that we've had for a while now. We now own many other websites and we are one of the top missing people finders online today. We do not just locate missing people, we also provide people with a means to check criminal records nationwide, check potential business partners, and much more.

We started back in the early 90's when most people did not know what the internet was. We started back when was the number one search engine. Many of you may remember those days. This all started from one small pc to today with many stations and servers to better help our customers.

The owner started this company using a small free web page from a local ISP. He started by handing out flyers and putting advertisements on vehicles at football games just to get noticed. With many years of hard work, failures, and time we are now one of the top internet people finding company's.

We always have lived by one rule: to make our customers happy and to make sure we get the records and information you need. Many other competitors do live time searching which allows you to enter a name and get back results instantly. We believe it is best done by a person.

Today we offer a people search that has a "No Find No Fee" which means if we are not able to find useful information, then you do not pay. We believe that you will be happy with your results we now offer this service.

Try our "No Find No Fee" people search.

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