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Property record Search

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This service can be used to locate property that the subject owns. This can be accessed nationwide using a name or can be accessed by name and state. The Property Record Search can also be access using address only which will show the owner's name and other pertinent information. Many times this search will provide you with the property/home value, sq feet, tax amount, and much more. Often the Property Record Search is a great tool for litigations or to enforce a judgment. The property record search will simply show you the owner's information.

This service is available nationwide.

The results will be sent directly to your email address when completed. This search may take anywhere from 2 to 5 business days to complete.

We have access to many sources of information, databases, and offline sources which help us to locate the records you are searching for. So please rest assured we can get you the records and information you need to make smart decisions.

The property record search can be accessed using a name and state, address, or using a name nationwide. This service will also will work for businesses property records.


About this People Search
Price: $39.99 (No find no fee)
What information will I receive?
    Owners information name - co owner
    Sale information
    Property value
    Tax information
    Load description
    Square footage
    Lot size, or acreage
    Taxes paid
    Building type (commercial, residence)
    Structural type
    Deed information
    And more.

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    Subject must be 18 years of age or older.
    Subject must be a US citizen.
    You must agree to our terms before you order

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You will receive the full report in your email box.


Find People Facts
    The subject will not know that he/she has been searched.
    Your information is not shared with anyone.
    All Information is stored with security 24/7.
    This information is free of charge. You pay for our labor and services only.
    Search performed by an employee at our firm.
    Technical support phone number and email.
    Quick results sent directly to you in your email.
    Guaranteed credit card safety.
    Most results available within 2-5 business days.
    The results you receive are not resold.

Order Now for $39.99

You will receive the full report in your email box.