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Vermont Public Records


Find millions of public records in the state of Vermont free. We have provided thousands of sources and information below free to help you in your quest to locate records in Vermont. Please let us know if you find a broken link, or if you would like to submit a public record source so we can add this information to our database.

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Vermont Public Records and Information
    Vermont Duplicate Driver's License Requests
Vermont Vehicle Registration Renewal
Renew your state vehicle registration.
Vermont Private Sector Employment
Search for employment in Vermont.
Vermont State Government Employment Search
Browse state employment jobs.
Vermont Unemployment Claims Application
State unemployment forms and information.
Vermont Worker Compensation Benefits

Find forms and information online.

Vermont State Employment Directory Vermont Professional Licensing
State Professional Licensing
Vermont Hunting/Fishing License
State offers hunting and fishing licenses. Get your license online.
Vermont Business Records Searches
Search for information about corporations by the business name and see reports.
Vermont Corporate State Tax Forms
Need your corporate state income tax forms. Find it online now.
Vermont Individual State Tax Forms
Print your state tax forms online.
Vermont - E-file Your State Taxes
Do your state income taxes online.
Vermont Legislative Bill/Law Search
Search state legislature websites for texts of bills and laws.


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Public records refers to information that has been filed or recorded by local, state, federal or other government agencies, such as corporate and property records. Public records are created by the federal and local government, vital records, immigration records, real estate records, driving records, criminal records, etc. or by the individual magazine subscriptions, voter registration, etc. Most essential public records are maintained by the government and many are accessible to the public either free of charge or for an administrative fee. Availability is determined by federal, state, and local regulations.


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Public records are held in physical files. Many public records are available via Internet or other sources; even though public records are indeed "public", their accessibility is not always simple, free or easy. Some states such as CA have separate policies that govern the availability of information contained in public records. The PRA or public records act states that "except for certain explicit exceptions, personal information maintained about an individual may not be disclosed without the person's consent.