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Welcome To Our Support Section

Here at Lostpeople we will always help you get the support that you need!
We only accept email, and online support at this time. Please fill out a support request below, or email us using the contact info provided. The best way to get support is to directly email us or use the support form below.



We can be contacted directly at:

Mailing address:
PO Box 279
Keyser WV, 26726

Voice: 304-813-1399 (auto)
Fax: 1-888-391-9698



If you need support or have a question after you have ordered please be sure to fill in the information below. We stride to make sure that all of our customers are happy.

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Most problems you may get?


1) I have not received my results?

Each search we conduct is not the same. Some people are easy to locate and some are more difficult to locate. As well as other records some are easy to get and some may takes some time such as criminal records, assets, property records, and others. We do not do live time searches as many other company's do. We try to make sure your people search is completed to get the best results for you. We always say... Good things come to who waits !


2) It has been a long time and still no results?

We send all results by email to you direct. Some searches we have to send by fax, or us mail which law requires. In most cases your search will be sent to the email address you used when you ordered the search. Please check your email account as some providers block some email as it is believed to be spam, or junk mail.  Please check your junk mail folder, or trash folders to see if you have received any information from us.


3) I did not receive all the information you said I would get?

We can not guarantee that you will receive all information on the subject of the search as there are many factors. The person you have searched may not have a criminal record even though you believe she or he does. The court system may not allow access to these records so we are not able to obtain these records. The subjects date of birth is not complete is another example of information not fully available. We search many databases online, and offline which may or may not contain all information on the subject. We wish that it was that easy to search and have all information available right now but that is not true. Some customers may get all the information they seek and some may get partial information but we wish that everyone could get a full record of everything they desired. We try our best to get all the information you need but we must say that it is not always possible.